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Training Packs - Welsh Second Language - The Foundation Phase / KS2

These training packs are produced bilingually:

Using language games to Develop Oracy

This booklet contains ten activities/games to promote oracy amongst Welsh second language learners. Each activity/game provides ideas as to how to further develop the language and also how to extend the use of the activities/games in other contexts.

Developing Everyday Welsh in the Primary School

This pack provides guidance for teachers in the development of everyday Welsh in schools. The technique of using 'Helpwr Heddiw' is explained and the pack includes language items that should be used in English medium schools.

Addysgu a Dysgu Rhyngweithiol

This package contains examples of interactive activity that could be used in a second language KS2 class. This activity was produced in light of a recent educational development in Assessment for Learning and Skills Framework for pupils aged 3-19 in Wales.

Addysgu a Dysgu Rhyngweithiol

Agweddau ar addysgu Cymraeg Ail Iaith: CD-ROM

This bilingual primary - secondary transition framework provides units which consider:

  • comments from Estyn reports
  • examples of common teaching strategies
  • method of recording achievements
  • how children learn
  • Assessment for Learning

Agweddau ar ddysgu Cymraeg Ail Iaith

Good practice

This presentation was filmed at theWJEC organised National Conference for Teachers of Welsh Second Language and James Jones explains how he went about raising standards amongst Year 6 learners. James refers to a challenging resource that he used with his class: http://www.gcad-cymru.org.uk/eng/rdp-cbac-cartref/rdp-cbac-cartref-primary-wsl/rdp-cbac-world-religions-bbc.htm 

Standardisation and moderation

This presentation was filmed at theWJEC organised National Conference for Teachers of Welsh Second Language and good practice in the context of standardisation and moderation is shared following the implementation of the 2011 pilot.

Moving learners from level 4 to level 5

This pack includes seven exemplary teaching units which promote raising learners' standards in Welsh second language from level 4 to level 5 along with guidance regarding standardisation and moderation. The pack includes four films showing good practice which can be viewed here.