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Question Bank: Frequently Asked Questions

Which qualifications have a Question Bank available?

To view the complete list of available subjects, please visit the Question Bank homepage

Will Question Bank be available for more subjects?

Yes, we are currently working to make Question Bank available for a wider range of subjects.

Do I need to pay to access Question Bank?

No, Question Bank is completely free to use and access. We pride ourselves on providing complimentary resources and support to the teaching community.

How many years of questions are available?

Questions are available from WJEC past papers since 2012 for the subjects specified.

Can my students access and use Question Bank?

Yes, Question Bank is free and accessible to everyone including students. No login details are required to access the tool.

My students are struggling for a specific topic. Can I create a topic-specific paper for my students?

Yes, Question Bank is designed to allow you to create topic-specific papers. You can find questions based on keywords such as "geometry" for mathematics.

Can I save my question paper to review at a later date?

There is currently no "save" function within Question Bank but you can download your paper as a PDF file and save to your device to access at a later date.

How do I obtain the mark scheme for my question paper?

Before exporting your practice paper, you can select in the Paper Options on the right hand side of the page to include the Marking Scheme and Examiners Comments in your PDF. When you click 'Save as PDF', this will export your question paper, mark scheme and examiner's comments as a single PDF. Alternatively, you can export the practice paper first, followed by the mark scheme and examiner's comments as a separate PDF.

Can I use Question Bank on my mobile device?

Yes, Question Bank can be used on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. However, the recommended device is desktop computers or laptops. Once you have created your paper, you will need to export it as a PDF file to print.

What internet browser should I use to access Question Bank?

The recommended browser to use Question Bank is Google Chrome. However, Question Bank is supported by other internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

Can I put my practice papers online to share with other teachers?

All practice papers created in Question Bank are copyright of WJEC CBAC Ltd. All rights reserved. The papers are authorised for personal, "classroom use" only and cannot be re-sold or re-distributed online without prior permission from the company.

I have some feedback on Question Bank. Who should I send this to?

We welcome your feedback as we continue to develop and improve Question Bank. Please email your comments to resources@wjec.co.uk and we will respond to you as soon as possible.