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Exam Officers

This part of the website is for exam officers in schools, colleges and other institutions which enter candidates for WJEC examinations.

Examination Requirements Booklet

The Examination Requirements Booklet sets out specific instructions, details examination aids and the required Answer Booklets within each examination. To view a copy please click here.


Please note the entry deadline for GCE, GCSE, Level 1/2 vocational and general, Level 3, Entry Pathways, QCF Modern Foreign Languages and Iaith ar Waith is the 21 February 2017. Centres can make new entries, amendments and withdrawals up until the 19 March 2017 without incurring any late fees.
For more information please visit or entries page.

January 2017 Examination Results

Thursday 2nd March


·         Grade Boundary Information

·         GCSE Overall UMS Grade Boundaries

·         GCSE UMS Guide

·         Post Result Services

Level  1 / 2 General


·         Grade Boundary Information

·         Post Result Services

November 2016 Examinations Results

Thursday 12th January - GCSE English/English Language, GCSE English Language, GCSE Mathematics (Legacy), GCSE Welsh, Level 1 / 2 English Language, Functional Skills Level 1 & 2 English, ICT & Mathematics, Functional Skills Entry Level 1, 2 & 3 English, ICT & Mathematics.

Thursday 19th January - New GCSE Mathematics & New GCSE Mathematics - Numeracy (Wales only).


·         Grade Boundary Information

·         GCSE Overall UMS Grade Boundaries

·         GCSE UMS Guide

·         Post Results Services

.         Linear Grade Boundaries (legacy)

.         Linear Grade Boundaries (New Wales)

Level 1 / 2 General

·         Grade Boundary Information

·         Post Results Services

Functional Skills (England Only)

·         Grade Boundary Information

·         Post Results Services

Before the Examinations

For help and guidance on actions to consider prior to examinations, please refer to our Before the Examinations page.

WJEC will soon be distributing Question Papers for the next exam series.Question Paper packets will now come in different colours to represent different qualifications and specifications. To gain an overview please click here.

Post-Results Services

Information on Post-Results Services can be found on our Post-Results Services web page.

Malpractice and Whistleblowing

If you believe that you have witnessed malpractice in examinations or assessments, please review the information on our malpractice page and contact us immediately.

WJEC follows the JCQ processes on Malpractice as documented in the JCQ "Suspected Malpractice in Examinations and Assessments" guide.

Our Malpractice - "A Guide for Centres" document outlines WJEC processes and provides advice and guidance.


WJEC follows the JCQ processes on appeals as documented in the JCQ 'Guide to the awarding bodies' appeals processes'.

Our 'Appeals – A guide for centres' document outlines WJEC's processes for appeals concerning enquiries about results, malpractice, access arrangements, special consideration and other examination and assessment administrative decisions.

GCSE Certificates (Wales)

Certificates for newly reformed summer 2016 AS qualifications

As GCE qualifications are being reformed to different timelines, many candidates have been awarded a mixture of newly reformed and non-reformed AS qualifications during the summer 2016 series.  To ensure that candidates who have taken a mixture of newly reformed and non-reformed WJEC and WJEC-Eduqas AS qualifications receive just one certificate, we have issued certificates for the summer 2016 awards which contain the logos of all three regulators.  In some instances, the certificate will include qualifications that are not regulated by all three regulators, Ofqual, Qualifications Wales and CCEA. 

It should be noted that each qualification listed on a certificate contains a reference number known as a qualification accreditation number (QAN).  This number can be used to verify the regulated status of each qualification listed on the certificate.

Resit Opportunities

Information on legacy resit opportunities for 2016-17 can be found in the following link

Resit Opportunities

List of GCE Legacy re-sit units June 2017.


WJEC Final and provisional timetables can be found on our Key Dates and Timetables page.

WJEC secure website

The WJECs secure website (available only to examination centres and for which separate registration is required) offers a range of additional materials, including past papers free of charge, and enables exam officers to conduct certain online transactions.

JCQ Guidance

A wide range of documentation relating to common administrative processes across all general qualification awarding bodies can be found on the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) website.

Exam Officer Support

There are membership organisations that offer support to exams officers.

Examination Officers' Association  

The Exams Office 

Wales Centre Support Team

In September 2015, the team members transferred to the External Relations department of Qualifications Wales, the new regulator for qualifications in Wales.

Unitised Specifications - GCSE

Video explaining entry and re-sit rules for GCSE unitised specifications:
Unitised Specifications - GCSE video

GCSE Directory